SEGA Bass Fishing : Game Review

SEGA Bass Fishing : Game Review. Release Date: February 26, 2008 Is wrangling a record-breaking bass on the Wii worth the effort, or does this version sink to the bottom? Game is for the WII only!!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “SEGA Bass Fishing : Game Review”

  1. Jordan10385 says:

    fuck ΓΌ

  2. halo5549 says:

    did anyone nitice the halo pelicans in the begenning?

  3. vidkeeper9 says:

    @SNIPZ86 thanks that was the one do you remember a game where you can catch sting ray and stuff like that it was on the ps1

  4. SNIPZ86 says:

    Sega Marine Fishing

  5. vidkeeper9 says:

    what game is it like this where u can catch all kinds of fish even shark its a sega game someone plz msg me it

  6. MrPopyotop says:

    Yeah , Get the game .. Bass Pro Shop ” The Strike ” !! It’s very good plus has pro shop so you can buy new gear and boats etc . I’d say the BEST fishing game on the market !!

  7. ipodtouchguy951 says:

    dude i have this game and i sucks basspro is better for 360

  8. dxhardeys2 says:

    i keep catching big ones never caught a huge 1 dose he have to lift it out diffrent and stuff?

  9. gwillakerz says:

    it was good but the time limit sucked because the Arcade version you would only last like a few minutes.

  10. realtyboy2010 says:

    @carlnavarro i know yah,damn.

  11. S89f says:

    is there a sega marine fishing?

  12. treflipsk8a10 says:

    rapala tournament fishing is soooo much better than this :)

  13. chadheck96 says:

    Me and my uncle play this every friday. It’s very fun if you take turns racking up the “big ‘uns”.

  14. DreamsofMajesty says:

    scribd (dot) com/nb812

  15. paulspydar says:

    game is not for wii only considering it was first released on the God console that is the Dreamcast, all hail the thinking one!

  16. elenapol84 says:

    it is very good game and i have the saim game

  17. philly442 says:

    “Bass Pro Shop: The Strike” is better

  18. TheGrownUpAdult says:

    Why Is it always bass, trout or salmon?

  19. o0odvs1o0o says:

    MannishEmotion— then you should get a fishing game that is not called ‘BASS’ FISHING… OMG! people who want to fish for BASS, will get this game… those who want different types of fish will have to get a different game… kind of like buying a SURFING game and then saying, I want all types of summer sports in there, why isnt there any roller blading or wave boarding in my SURFING game?!?

  20. MannishEmotion says:

    just fucking largemount bass… we need a all fish !!! we need a true game !!

  21. carlnavarro says:

    look at the girl’s rack at 2:37. wow!

  22. quinnt5427 says:

    it looks so real on this game

  23. d2a007 says:

    Best fishing game ever: ScaryFish 2.4.


  24. rluix says:

    i would, but theres no lakes or rivers where i livr >_>

  25. artman40 says:

    I bet! We’d better get a hardcore, over-the-top fishing game next time.

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