Snakehead fishing 2


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11 Responses to “Snakehead fishing 2”

  1. GestureStew says:

    @doilathedo1 LOLZERZ! I am actually, I am a pig that can type and comprehend language, got on the payroll of a freak show which is really good, 200k a year! So good man, glad you noticed, thanks :¬) *kisses*

  2. doilathedo1 says:

    gesture stew you are fucking idiot pig

  3. doilathedo1 says:

    @GestureStew you fucking idiot pig

  4. doilathedo1 says:

    ggesturestew. u fucking stupid pig

  5. GestureStew says:

    Why the fuck would you torture the poor thing like that?

  6. aznpng says:

    those are huge!

  7. ptivs0b04 says:

    it’s not me in the video, it’s a snakehead game video from jp.

  8. chouchou13460 says:

    this fish is really hard to kill. I caught a haruan the other day I kept it in a bucket without water then hung the bucket on a tall tree so the cats wont reach it. after 2 days when we were away the fish jumped out and got attacked by our bull mastif buck. when we came back the I saw the fish wiggling in our yard trying to get away from buck. when I picked up the fish he only had a few scratches and his tail was destroyed. I just released the fish in a pond near our house.

  9. husairyharon says:

    you are indeed a pro

  10. differhie says:

    AWESOME!!!! This japanese man so great. What kind of snakehead is that? here in my place (west borneo) we have place like that and lots of snakehead waiting for stike. the size are great too. salute.. may be if you visit west borneo, we can fishing the snakehead together

  11. Crappanahdon says:

    Extremely hardy even in the worst water condition & got nasty bites! DON’T WALK but slither like eels when on dry land. Nat Geo & Maryland scientists had preposterous reports, snakehead walked on dry land & survived 4days out of water, using insecticide poisoning entire lake killing more fishes than snakeheads! Failed to consider repercussion of such action thinking the results are inconsequential. Lakes lead to sea & effects maybe accumulatively disastrous with like-minded irresponsible people.

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