Spring Bass Fishing (continued) (2009).

We caught much more fish than this, we just didnt have a camera with us the whole time. Anyway, I hope you enjoy. Song- Whispers in the dark: by skillet.

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25 Responses to “Spring Bass Fishing (continued) (2009).”

  1. redscarf11 says:

    lol come here in florida and fish the canals pitching under docks with a texas rigged senko or ocho and ull shit ur pants at what your gunna catch

  2. plywood75 says:

    awesome. i got my first baitcaster this year and i am so fucking stoked. nice fish.

  3. NoviceBasser says:

    Fishing in florida for lmb in the canals and private ponds is a joke compared to catching hawgs in NY come up here and try it good luck!

  4. ballafishie says:

    how do u fish ur brush hog

  5. flurbsmcgurgs says:

    YEA!!!!!!!! they are hybrid largmouth!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Bassfishin3 says:

    oviedo florida

  7. Bassfishin3 says:

    most of them in here are largemouths..trust me.

  8. flurbsmcgurgs says:

    just letting you know most of the bass in the video are florida hybrid bass. nat largmouts. some are still largmouth thoug

  9. inrizspaxoxo says:

    where is that

  10. lifebreelfun says:

    Nice fish

  11. 1303russ says:

    nice fish and bro i hate to tell you this but……… THE YANKEES ARE 7 GAMES ABOVE BOSTON!!!! lol srry im a yankees fan :S

  12. flurbsmcgurgs says:

    1:43 nice lookin bass

  13. TrueGraffArt says:

    haha for the most part?

  14. Bassfishin3 says:

    hahaha nahh man were pretty clean for the most part.

  15. TrueGraffArt says:

    you guys look like your the neighborhood crowd who smokes alotta weed. nothin wrong with that. weed hunt fish chew its all goo.

  16. TheBassAngler1 says:

    i saw a gator hat gators rule

  17. Bassfishin3 says:

    oh true haha mybad.

  18. MRWONDERFULable says:

    Its not fall yet.I dont know why he put that there.

  19. MRWONDERFULable says:

    Beutifal bass at 0:37.

  20. jsmith6266 says:

    Good videos keep them coming. Thank you for becoming friends with jsmith6266 Rod and Creel Magazine

  21. andyvanderploug says:

    good bass,good vid,keep em coming.

  22. Bassfishin3 says:

    yea lol i was gonna say..that fish at 0:26 could be a 4 pounder, but he was only like 2 because of how skinny he was. that pond has sooo many bass but no food.

  23. FSHNGPRO8923 says:

    no nvm i take back what i said. only the one at 0:26 is REALLY skinny. the rest are very nice fish

  24. FSHNGPRO8923 says:

    wow those are skinny fish. the bass at my ponds are big and fat! (stuffed with shad:-))

  25. Bassfishin3 says:


    like 7 lbs 2 oz.

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