Striped Bass Fishing

Surf Fishing For Striped Bass On Hatteras Island..

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25 Responses to “Striped Bass Fishing”

  1. shylomike says:

    Trying to go blue fishing on the surf in the next month! I live 30 mins from the beach and never have time to fish.

  2. lilham10809 says:

    @rino152 he is

  3. saugusg16 says:

    way too many people. wouldn’t want to deal with the line tangles

  4. DBKCT says:

    Brings back memories fishing there as a kid. I’d hate to see the access go. On the other hand, half of New Jersey wasn’t down on the Outer Banks in the 70s-80s.

  5. 2013iskate says:

    lmao the guy that was in 3:23 felt like a kid when he needed help to catch it

  6. cuff1957 says:

    miles and miles of beach and these guys are crowded into a 50yard strip

  7. leboulay72 says:

    i m agree whith you,in france 4*4 on the beach is forbeeden,and ecologist want to forbeeden every think.Today is 4*4 ,tomorow is boat or reel !good fight and good luck boys

  8. kajal33 says:

    @rino152 thats cause he is.. outer banks roads often become flooded after a big rain.

  9. MrChanmoua says:

    I would like to go Ocean stripper fishing myself.

  10. redmond424 says:

    When we fish there, we use live bait fish.
    Check out the Collapse-A-Trap video on you tube to see how we catch all the free live bait we need.

  11. effumall says:

    thats a lot of white buckets

  12. tbone2872 says:

    That’s the prime reason I completely gave up surf fishing.

  13. sk8metalnick6 says:


  14. 01SonofAbe says:

    metallica. orion. Master of puppets album.

  15. mrgamesmusic says:

    what song is this

  16. broncos346 says:

    nags head hatteras ne place there is good for red’s striper or shark depends the time of year

  17. broncos346 says:

    lol its in NC

  18. hyang120 says:

    looks fun, but too over crowded

  19. killabhatch says:


  20. DEMITRIpa says:


  21. worldwidefish says:

    where is hatteras island? is it in usa?

  22. DEMITRIpa says:

    probly bunker chunks

  23. LukNoSe7en says:

    watch my awsome video “striper set the hook”

  24. bobrampy07 says:

    hes not going to tell a spot

  25. Bluemilo says:

    it’s STRIPED BASS.. not “STRIPPER”
    Stripper… takes off clothes. lol

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