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Matt Hayes Carp Fishing Part 9

part to his episodes the others on my account enjoy !

Carp Fishing : Want to cast 160 yards? Part 3 Want to cast 160 yards? Join British Record casting champion Mark Hutchinson on the bank as he teaches a normal 100 yard caster how to hit the 160 mark he thought he’d never reach. No secrets – Everything revealed from tackle to technique.

Karpfenangeln mit Schwimmbrot – surface carp fishing with bread 30+

Die spannendste Variante des Karpfenangelns! Mit Schwimmbrot auf Sicht einen Karpfen an der Oberfläche heraus picken. Hier haben sich gleich mehrere Karpfen und zwei Amure über 15 kg auf dem Platz eingefunden.

Matt Hayes CARP fishing

Matt Hayes CARP

Carp fishing in Raduta lake 2009 – 1

Carp fishing in Raduta lake Romania 2009. Galaxy Carp team. Fisherman Darius Surgautas president of LKA (Carpfishing association of Lithuania) and Audrius Barisas. Sponsored by SALMO Ltd (Latvia). SEA-WOLF LINE (Italy)

Big Carp Fishing

Big Carp, Fishing, Peche, Bojli, Ponty, Karpfen, Boilie, Horgászat, Bundik Zsolt

Carp Fishing : Winter Spirit

A carp fishing session shot in the Winter of 2006 at the Etang de Pierre La Treiche in France. The clips shows info on carp fishing techniques as well as some great carp banked by the group of top class anglers present.

Korda State Of The Art Underwater Carp Fishing Part 5

part 5 of Korda State Of The Art Underwater Carp Fishing video other videos on the account subscribe and comment other episode’s on my account such as predators and matt hayes

matt hayes carp fishing episode 9

A very good fisherman and this video is very good for a fishing tip

WBM Carp Fishing Video – The First

First video on behalf of an up and coming site for fishing called WBM Carp Fishing ( ). On the video you get a brief introduction to the people behind the site, and a small look into their time fishing at the Blue Lias, Warwickshire, UK. The Blue Lias is located in Stockton (nr. […]