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“All About Bass” with Rich Lindgren – Episode 1 (pt. 1 of 3): Opening Day 20-pound challenge

In the inaugural episode of “All About Bass,” host Rich Lindgren and fishing buddy Josh Douglas attempt to catch a combined 20-pound limit of bass on opening day of Minnesota’s 2009 bass season. Lindgren, a Lakeville resident, fishes regional bass tournaments and writes fishing blogs, including his own “Rich’s Bassin’ Blog” ( and “Bassin Insider” […]

Fey’s Gone Fishing (episode 1)

Bass fishing at Quail Lake, Southern Utah. Host, Michah Fey, demonstrates a couple different ways to rig and fish a rubber worm that will be sure to have you catching in no time. Video production by dmg films, southern Utah. Directed by Mike Gardner

Fishing With John – Episode 1 (Jim Jarmusch) – Part 3/3

John Lurie’s “Fishing With John” Episode 1, with Jim Jarmusch Presents-Ulua Fishing on the Big Island of Hawaii. Episode 1 of……

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Fishing With John – Episode 6 (Dennis Hopper – Part 2/3

John Lurie’s “Fishing with John” Episode 6, with Dennis Hopper

Early morning bass fishing in local ponds: episode 1

we will be introducing our new shows coming every wednesday so stayed tuned in this is really our third but first marked one and it was great stay tuned and keep coming every wednesday!

Fishing With John – Episode 3 (Matt Dillon) – Part 2/3

John Lurie’s “Fishing With John” Episode 3, with Matt Dillon

Snacky’s Journal – Episode 3

HQ version here: Angie convinces Snacky to go on an ill-fated fishing trip into the jungle. GRAND PRIZE WINNER – 2007 BLIZZCON MOVIE CONTEST!!

Lake fork tackle bass fishing spring episode: 11

lake fork tackle company hyper series spft plastics and kvd strike king perfect plastics caffiene shad as usuall

matt hayes carp fishing episode 9

A very good fisherman and this video is very good for a fishing tip