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The Most Delicious Fish You Have Probably Never Tasted

There are many delicious choices of fish available to the seafood lover today. Salmon, trout, swordfish, tuna, Chilean sea bass — all have their fanatics. True lovers of everything aquatic will tell you stories of the pleasures to be found in catfish, walleye pike and even blue gills.

Tips For Fishing Largemouth Bass

If you do a search online for tips on caching largemouth bass, you will no doubt be guaranteed of a long list of results and tips, the unfortunate thing is that you might need to vet through hours of materials before you derive to anything meaningful, as such this article will give you some simple tips you can immediately apply to the waters this weekend.

Farmington Optimists pitch fishing as a family activity

Farmington Optimists pitch fishing as a family activity When you think of Farmington, fishing isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. But there are nearby places to fish, and a local organization is working to promote fishing as a family activity. Read more on The Oakland Press

Free family fishing week casts off

Free family fishing week casts off More local anglers will have the chance to reel in the big one this week with the Ministry of Natural Resource’s Free Family Fishing Week. Coinciding with National Fishing Week, the event allows any Canadian resident to fish without a licence from July 3-11.[…] Read more on Timmins Daily […]

Bass Fishing – The Rising New Sport?

Once a necessity action for putting food on the table, who would have really thought that bass fishing could evolved into a thousand dollars competition featured in popular national sports channel? Many scoffed at this idea, but the overwhelming appeal from the mass for bass fishing have prompted many to consider watching, and even joining this sports! Because after all, how hard can fishing be?

Maine’s free family fishing weekend on June 5-6

Maine’s free family fishing weekend on June 5-6 The state’s new fishing law book has the date wrong. Read more on Portland Press Herald

Caring For The Pomacentridae Family Of Fishes

Members of the Pomacentridae family include the Amphiprion Rubrocinctus and the Amphiprion Ocellaris. The Amphiprion Rubrocinctus is better known as the Clown Anemone Fish. The second fish is commonly referred to the Red-Gridled Anemone. The Clown fish are biologically natured to dine off smaller fish. The Clowns come from the Australian, Japan, and Indo-Pacific waters. […]

Ohio Bass Fishing – Fun for the Whole Family

Bass fishing is the number one sport in North America and for good reason. Fishing for bass is very challenging and a lot of fun for the whole family. It is a great way for families to spend quality time together while enjoying some of the wonderful things that nature has to offer. Bass fishing […]

Family Fishing Holidays in France

France is a country that has a wonderful variety of fishing from the North through to the South and caters for fly fishing, course and game fishing on a wide range of rivers and lakes. Plus there is plenty of coast line for the sea angler to enjoy as well. Carp fishing, cat fishing, […]

Buy Used Fishing Tackle Online and Save

Everyone is looking to save a couple of bucks here and there these days. Increased gasoline costs surely have impacted almost everything all of us do even though you cannot do very much concerning the increased costs of gas it is possible to save some cash by buying previously owned fishing gear.