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The Most Delicious Fish You Have Probably Never Tasted

There are many delicious choices of fish available to the seafood lover today. Salmon, trout, swordfish, tuna, Chilean sea bass — all have their fanatics. True lovers of everything aquatic will tell you stories of the pleasures to be found in catfish, walleye pike and even blue gills.

Bass Fishing Techniques

Fishing is a thinking person’s pursuit. No matter whether you fish for a hobby, as a sport or for a living, you have to be able to outfox the fish you are searching for. Not just that, but unlike most hunters, you cannot see your quarry. You have to work out where it is likely to be and what it is likely to do.

Bass Fishing Lures: Use The Right Lure To Land Your Next Catch

In the world of bass fishing, the amateur and competitive nature of this sport has attracted a rather large following that has only continued to gain popularity over the years. In order to become a success, using fishing lures and bait is a must. Depending on the time of day or night, location, type of water, and depth – different bass fishing lures will produce better results than other selections. To become familiar with the most common and effective choices, consider the following suggestions:

Classic Nigerian Food Recipes

Learn how to cook the most popular or well loved Nigerian cuisine. Classic Nigerian Food Recipes

Bass Fishing Basics

Bass fishing tips come in quite handy especially when you are a beginner. First of all, it would be a good thing to know that bass are fish whose metabolism depends on the temperature of water. Their metabolism rises proportionally with increased water temperature. If the water where they live is cold, as it is in deeper waters, they are less active and so need to eat less.

Fishing industry starving whales of food

Fishing industry starving whales of food A marine biologist says he’s discovered a new threat to whales that has nothing to do with Japanese boats. Read more on 3news

Deep Sea Fishing

Even though this term might make you think of ocean fishing, deep sea fishing refers to that which is performed in waters as large as or larger than lakes. Rivers and ponds are not “deep sea fishing” as the water is usually too shallow. Deep sea fishing is carried out in coastal waters where lots of large fish species make their home.

What to Consider When Buying Frozen Fish Food

Do you have a fish filled acquarium in your home or office? If this was a new purchase, you may have many questions. One of the most common questions asked by new fish owners concerns food. Your first impulse may be to head to your local pet store and purchase the cheapest food available. Yes, […]

Fish Food: Tips For Feeding Your Aquarium Fish

Many of us dream of having an aquarium filled with beautiful fish. Did you recently take the jump and make the purchase? If so, you are likely to have many questions. One of those questions likely focuses on aquarium fish food. Continue reading on for helpful tips that can ensure your fish are well cared […]