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Matt Hayes Carp Fishing Part 9

part to his episodes the others on my account enjoy !

Carp Fishing : Want to cast 160 yards? Part 3 Want to cast 160 yards? Join British Record casting champion Mark Hutchinson on the bank as he teaches a normal 100 yard caster how to hit the 160 mark he thought he’d never reach. No secrets – Everything revealed from tackle to technique.

fishing with river rat cousin part 2- CPR

after a nice good fight we got the fish in, we weighed it and took some pictures of it, and then let it go back into the river to grow up and catch a different day

Cataclysm Fishing Daily 5: Big Gulp Part 2

Simon gets his fishing fix with brand new dailies. In this daily, we fillet several royal monkfish in the search for someone’s locket.

Slopfest Bass Fishing Tournament Buffalo Lake Part II

Slopfest Bass Tournament held on Buffalo Lake in Montello, WI in July of 2009. Part two of two. For more information visit

Securing Meat Sources Part 3 The Fishing KIT

Guest Commentary — A failed program – Part II

Guest Commentary — A failed program – Part II Lately I have had several residents come in looking for resident stickers because they either have boats that have never been through the process or they did not hear about the program until they were ordered off the water (too late ) by the sheriff or […]

Digimon World 3 Walkthrough P9 Fishing Pole Sidequest Part 1

Forgot to get the hook

Line, Hook, and Sinkers (Part 1)

Line, Hook, and Sinkers (Part 1) Lincoln Blanco Since becoming one of the fishing columnist for the Kern Valley Sun, more and more people have been approaching me with their fishing related questions. The question I’m asked most is, “What type of setup do I use on my pole?“ It’s mostly tourist who have come […]

Bass N Grass part two

Part two Carolina Outdoors show bass fishing in the grass at Jordan Lake, NC.