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Bass Fishing in Ponds – Using Creek Chubs as Bait

Visit to plan your next fishing trip or just learn more about fishing. Kevin Sewell catches a number of 2 – 2.5 pound bass fishing with creek chubs.

Bass Fishing Tips – Using Swimbaits –

Erik Luzak of talk about using swimbaits for bass fishing. Check out for more great fishing content.

RC Helicopter Fishing! 2nd attempt from NightFlyyer, using Blue Ray Heli.

Many of you saw me crash this Blue Ray Helicopter a few months ago doing a roll too low. Now repaired, I test fly it, then take it to the Sibley Pond to try my hand at Helicopter Fishing again. The (Perch, Sunfish, rock cod Blue Gill) here bite on just about anything at any […]

How do you correct backlashes using a baitcasting reel for bass fishing?

Realizing that some backlashes are gonna occur regardless,I would like to know how to do away with the annoyance of most.Particularly when changing lure size or simply casting into a prevailing wind.I’ve been using these reels for a few years but can’t seem to overcome this problem and would very much appreciate any” tips “to […]

Bass Fishing : How to Fish for Bass Using a Jig Lure

Fishing for bass with a jig lure is all about fishing in the grass and brush, as opposed to fishing on the bottom of the water. Learn about the brush guards that exist on some jig lures with help from a professional bass fisherman in this free video on fishing for bass with jig lures. […]