The Bass Master Promo

You couldn’t make this up….

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25 Responses to “The Bass Master Promo”

  1. Mr508er says:

    i have a boat but no sponsors ,just a dude that loves to fish.keep it simple

  2. jjlightning says:

    Love it!

  3. spinnerbaitkid95 says:

    @jimmytr20 ive been up there and fished in your water PLENTY of times. ill take you on on your homelake and still beat you. and i did win the Snag Proof open at 12 years old. and nobody has just given me anything… ive worked hard and learned most of the stuff i know by myself. ive fished with tons of the pros and learned alot from them. i won the right tournaments and got sponsors and Phoenix gave me my boat. so back off and go screw yourself

  4. jimmytr20 says:

    @spinnerbaitkid95 im sorry until you show some pics or video with all your stuff …im almost positive you didnt win the snagproff open and i know you didnt fish by yourself in tournaments at 12 good try…i have saved up my whole life and worked hard foreverything i have no body has just given me anything and if your so good why havnt any of us seen you or heard of you

  5. topshelf92 says:

    @spinnerbaitkid95 i have sponsor contracts, wins and a free boat to. good for you

  6. topshelf92 says:

    @TwinStatesBassClub i never said federation clubs call it that. if you place first in ur state at the regionals then you go to the federation nation national championship. oh and okay alan shelton. ur nasty

  7. TwinStatesBassClub says:

    @topshelf92 Okay, first off, the series I’m fishing is the Tennessee B.A.S.S. Federation Nation. Okay, understood? Now then, after the state tournament is won, then you go on to the southern. Then, you go to the FEDERATION NATION JUNIOR WORLD. That’s the name of it. Federation clubs do not call it “National Championship”. So before you go acting like you know all there is to know about me, what I do, and how I fish…get YOUR facts straight first.

    Thank you for your time,

  8. tgrab25 says:

    @spinnerbaitkid95 um a video or some pics atleast.

  9. spinnerbaitkid95 says:

    @TwinStatesBassClub topshelf92 is as faget haha he’s just jealous of us

  10. spinnerbaitkid95 says:

    @topshelf92 alright ill put it all on here. and a pro hasnt won the snag proof open…. its every year on guntersville. and ive already made it dipshit. im already better than you’ll ever be. i got sponsor contracts, wins, a free boat, yeahhhhhhhhh im a clown

  11. topshelf92 says:

    @spinnerbaitkid95 you sound like a complete clown. You do not have all of this shit your talking about. post some pictures on here of your wrapped boat with all your sponsors and your tournament jersey. and then link us to the websites to were you won all those tournaments. You won the snagproof open? if you did good for you bc you should be fishing full time. oh and btw im pretty sure the snag proof open has been won by a top well known pro for the past few years. dipshit. youll never make it

  12. topshelf92 says:

    @TwinStatesBassClub you sound retarted. Im the same age as you and have done the same as you but in the Eastern States.

    1.) You cant tell everyone your fishing both of those tournaments because you need to win the southern divisional to go to the Federation Nation Nationals. So clearly you havent done that yet. And btw you idiot its B.A.S.S. Federation National Championship. Not Federation nation junior world series hahha. what are we playen baseball?. Learn your shit you clown

  13. spinnerbaitkid95 says:

    @jimmytr20 it doesnt matter if its 100 degrees or 20 degrees. i can catch them in 6 inches of water or 80 feet of water. i have every single one of those sponsors and feel free to email or call them about it. ive dominated tournaments on wheeler and guntersville and ive had people pay me to show them some spots. and i can win tournaments on lakes ive never fished. ive won 2 BAIT tournaments on lake champlain and on the louisiana delta. both i only had 3 days to pre fish. so see ya at the top

  14. spinnerbaitkid95 says:

    @jimmytr20 I won the snag proof open on guntersville in 2008. that was against 230 other boats. and i dont wanna hear ” thats cause you fished with your dad”. I won that 100 percent by myself. i fished completely alone. i stayed at our friends lake house by myself so i could fish cause my dad was working. i was in the paper and in the Bassmaster Magazine for it. I fish all alone. i rarely fish with anybody. i can find fish as fast as any of the pros and catch them.

  15. spinnerbaitkid95 says:

    @jimmytr20 ive been fishing since i could walk. thats all my family does and im on the water 6 days a week. ill take on anybody you want. ive fished with many of the pros and my dad and Alton Jones are best friends. my dad was gonna go pro but didnt wanna travel. ive fished tournaments since i was 6 and started fishing as a boater since i was 12. i have my own boat thats completely mine that D&D gave to me. Its a 721 Pro XP. I just turned 15 and just cause im young doesnt mean you can beat me.

  16. jimmytr20 says:

    @spinnerbaitkid95 ok kid i highly doubt that you have all you say that you have….i know you dont have the sponsors that you say you have and what tournament trail are you fishing that pays that much money to a 14 kid im 18 and i have been fishing tournaments seriously since i 15 as a non boater and my first tournaments when i was 9
    I bet the guys you been slammin on here could easily out fish you and so could i and when you post a video with all your shit then me might give you some credit

  17. spinnerbaitkid95 says:

    @tgrab25 alright how do you want me to do that

  18. tgrab25 says:

    @spinnerbaitkid95 full of shit! prove it……

  19. fatalus553 says:

    lolz “yeah hooked myself, hooked myself in the crotch!”

  20. mathewshunter01 says:

    ish might giva bass shakin bass syndrome lol

  21. FcK2420 says:

    okay. football(soccer) is boring but fishing is fun!?!?!

  22. Xargosss says:

    I thought fishermen were calm people …

  23. kp98fisher says:

    dang! this gets me fired up baby!

  24. FRVELOQUIO says:

    This is the emotion of Bass Fishing….

  25. MistaFlynsta says:

    hot girls at 1:22 and break dancing at 1:32 what more could you want

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