The Darlings Music Videos

Just jump in where you can and hang on…

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25 Responses to “The Darlings Music Videos”

  1. cheeseschrister says:

    makes me proud to be ashamed to be white…

  2. 6irondriver says:

    Dooley was about a Moonshiner in case y’all don’t know. Kinda makes it even better, even with the bass player blowin’ a jug and Andy playin a 5 string lol.

  3. vhdtim says:

    ooh thats a goodin

  4. usracer3 says:

    ive been searching for this vid. because i saw it on tv!!!

  5. kakip64 says:

    Tearin’ up your old clothes for rags just happens to be one of my favorites.

  6. myrtle164 says:

    @alpha18412 We’ll all cry.

  7. nedthetoothpick says:

    Fantastic! Great memories~~~

  8. alpha18412 says:

    “How about playin’ ‘Never hit your grandma with a great big stick’?

  9. MountainGyspy says:

    I still love this show!

  10. ILL2DEF says:

    How ’bout DOOLEY?!?!?

  11. MaidAmerican says:

    Andy wasn’t a Dillard either, but he sure gave them a national name by promoting them on his show.

  12. SusDgs says:

    it is Drisco, not Brisco, and Sharlene, not Darlene. love the Dillards!

  13. deritpeehs says:

    charlene darling looks like rielle- john edwrd’s “friend” (mafia) …..poor john- from one Godless devil military nightmare to another…..

  14. allaboutthebeans says:

    I love how Ernest T tunes his can. So funny.

  15. mH8675309 says:

    No Dud thatin makes me cry

  16. aandddesign says:

    Sooo much fun !

  17. MuKuAXX says:

    No smiling. That’s bluegrass baby!!!

  18. ColdFusionGames says:

    Haha!! Great song title. 😛

  19. rachelraysunshine says:

    i love andy griffith eps the ones with the darlings when they made andy griffith they broke the mold of tv shows

  20. warriorangel65 says:

    lol, never hit your grandma witha great big stick! jajajaa!

  21. mariposa362 says:

    OK Ernest T, serenade away!…

  22. mariposa362 says:

    Well, here’s one with 5….Just kinda let that thumb hang free & join the music!

  23. Angryrnmedic says:

    Thanks for posting this Darling familymusic. I love it and I don’t know how to post.

  24. MasonMan16 says:

    old aunt mariah

  25. KurtFaninOH says:

    “I didn’t know ya strang!” lol

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