The Most Delicious Fish You Have Probably Never Tasted

There are many delicious choices of fish available to the seafood lover today. Salmon, trout, swordfish, tuna, Chilean sea bass — all have their fanatics. True lovers of everything aquatic will tell you stories of the pleasures to be found in catfish, walleye pike and even blue gills.

This is not even considering the many non-fish choices such as the lobster, shrimp, oysters, clams and mussels and the regional specialties such as turtle, frog legs, conch and crayfish (or crawdads as we know them here in the South were they are almost a religion.)

But even with all of these choices, the fish that many avid lovers of seafood consider to be the best tasting is still practically unknown to the common person.

Wild Striped Bass – America’s Most Delicious Fish

Striped bass are found along both coast of North America – but no where else in the world. In fact, they are only native to the east coast. They were introduced to San Francisco Bay in 1886 by sportsmen and now ply the Pacific waters from California to Canada.

Despite ranging from Florida to Newfoundland, the best striped bass fishing grounds awe the Outer Banks off North Carolina, Chesapeake Bay and Long Island Sound.

If Striped Bass Is So Delicious, Why Are They Not More Popular?

Simple reason – They are darn hard work to catch.

Although there are now farmed striped bass, the wild is more desirable and many think tastier, and it still requires getting up early and casting a line, either from a small boat or while standing in the surf of a cold beach.

Furthermore, although laws vary, most states require the caught bass to be at least 34 inches long to keep. This means that the poles, reels, hooks and line must be large and heavy and landing one will be hard and exhausting work.

Although this law also means that if you do manage to land one that is of keeper size, it will weight at least 18 pounds. That’s some good eating there.

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