Tips For Fishing Largemouth Bass

If you do a search online for tips on caching largemouth bass, you will no doubt be guaranteed of a long list of results and tips, the unfortunate thing is that you might need to vet through hours of materials before you derive to anything meaningful, as such this article will give you some simple tips you can immediately apply to the waters this weekend.

The first thing to that you need to get accustomed to is the seasonal habits of a largemouth bass. Because the worst thing that can happen is that you get all ready but there’s no fish to fish. Largemouth bass have these basic needs – plenty of underwater structure for it to hide around, cover from the sun’s rays, and water temperature between 50-80 degrees. During the spring time they will be spawning in regions of 2-8 feet of water. As it gets hotter, they will be moving deeper and deeper to stay in a temperatures that they are comfortable with. Use all these requirements to your benefit and scout around to where it might be.

Second on the list is to pick the right bait! Most people just simply choose the color and the bait and they wonder why they never get any big catches. When selecting the color you should and almost always match the color of the surroundings and environment. That means that if your place is dark, muddy or dull then you should pick just that color. But obviously if the water is clear and it’s a sunny day then by all means go ahead and pick something flashy or colorful! Of course it is also common sense to try to imitate the movements of local bait fish. Largemouth bass are most likely to bait on something that looks fairly familiar to them.

Finally, do remember where you caught your last big game, as largemouth bass usually likes to hunt and lurk at the same area. As such, they will no doubt be competition within themselves to get the best spot for them to hunt, when you catch a big bass at a certain spot, you can be sure that within a few days it will be repopulated with another big largemouth bass at the same spot.

Have fun with these tips and don’t forget to practice, practice, and practice!

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