What is the month to go bass fishing in Central, FL?

Question by Golden_Lover: What is the month to go bass fishing in Central, FL?
I’m planning a vacation to Tampa, FL and want to plan around the best bass fishing time. I use wild golden shiners and will be hiring a guide for Lake Tarpon and another lake like Okeechobee (please refer if you know of a good lake and/or guide). Thanks for your help!

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Answer by Rob U
around april, may, or june i would say. good luck fishing

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  1. Tbone says:

    Yeah you’re in my territory. Early spring as mentioned as soon as the mammoth bugs (love bugs, skeeters, gnats etc) start hatching. I mostly surf fish off Indian Rocks Beach and Tampa Bay but live right on a lake loaded with big bass. I kill them after work on small poppers and ultra light equipment. You’ll have a great time. Lake Tarpon is a hot spot. Trust me.

    If it’s one thing you don’t need a guide for in Florida is big mouth bass fishing.

    Have fun man.

  2. Jobe3 says:

    i would come here in the middle of spring because spring is the spawning season and if you go too early they will have just started.
    So what I say is the middle of spring when they are going strong.
    Good luck and happy fishing.
    Also usually if you are fishing with goldfish they are the best but also illegal so if you do dont get caught

  3. tc_an_american says:

    I really dont find one month better than another for bass. I fish 2 to 3 times a week and am always catching bass. They are more active during harvester moon phases. And I like after a good rain. Right now is nice little to no bugs and cool weather.

    I use artificial worms Dark blue red tail, or Dark blue with silver glitter and green tail. Pop it on the bottom.

  4. JB says:

    I grew up in Florida and feel that the fishing can be great there year round as some of the others might have mentioned. DO NOT try the goldfish for bait. This totally destroys the habitat when a few of them get loose and survive. Golden shiners are fun. I have never been much of a live bait fisherman, so I definitely recommend the Texas-rig worms, etc. Not sure where you’re from but in Florida it’s sort of like what they say about Texas. Everything is bigger. A lot of times, depending on the lake, I’d fish with a 10-12″ worm on a medium-heavy to heavy action rod. Flip that up near some brush/grass/lily pads and hang-on! Again, you’re gonna catch fish pretty much anytime you go down there cause the climate is so temperate for the most part. Go ahead and do yourself a favor and avoid the middle of summer (the heat) and skip the winter (cause although it’s usually 50 or up, sometimes it’s not). There are a lot of lakes over near Disney World that you could easily get in to. Look around Kissimmee. Go online and you should be able to find lots of guides for any areas you decide you want to go, if that’s the way you decide to do it. I am jealous that I can’t be down there. I am up here in Virginia trying to learn how to coax these big bass out of their deep, winter lairs. Good luck!

  5. gimmenamenow says:

    Any month whose name has three or more letters in it is good for bass in Florida.

    I don’t even really fish freshwater other than as a diversion… bass can be caught nearly any time you want them, and I’ve never had to rely on live bait. Take a few Senkos with you and rig ’em wacky… you’ll see what I mean.

    Also, always remember, it’s amazing what you can find in retention ponds… (including alligators).

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