When should you start fishing for bass?

Question by republican guy: When should you start fishing for bass?
Hello I cant wait to go bass fishing. But I need to now when should I go and start fishing for them. I live in the midwest and it wont be in the 50’s permanently until the Second week of march.

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Answer by Charles Slone (Newest One)
I would just wait till when it warms out, to tell you the truth. Let’s face it, you’re not going to catch MANY quality fish until spring.
Hope i helped ya out.

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9 Responses to “When should you start fishing for bass?”

  1. Nathan S says:

    The answer is when do you stop? I know it’s cold but even in the winter you can get those 3 days of sun with a high of 50-60 the last day of warm weather is good i find myself getting shallow bass that come up to warm on cover or structure( rocks, fallen trees, docks etc..) that holds heat. If it is cold then go deep, you may need a fish finder to find them. When they suspend in cold water you can use spoon, jigs, drop shot rig or jerk bait. Fish slower too If fishing n the cold is not for you then like most people wait till it warms. You can catch bass in the cold and if you can bear the elements quality fish can be caught too.

  2. Tony P says:

    Here’s a good fishing site, go to fish rap, google it and it will take to that site it’s good it tells you what types of fish are there in different lakes, best baits for types of fish it’s a good site if you are called an angler

  3. the bassinator says:

    i would start fishing when ever you are off work/school, march in the perfect time

  4. Cronsell_#8 says:

    Usually the best time for me is between April to August

  5. bassplayer_1313 says:

    it’s never too soon. the fish didn’t pack up and go to florida. they’re still there. you just need to adjust your patterns/presentations depending on the temp. they still gotta eat.

  6. Unknown Truth says:

    There are several states that have a bass season. Check to see if your state is one. If so, then hey, wait until season opens, if not, then head out right now and getcha 1.

  7. Nate says:

    as soon as it gets into the 60s constatly you will start catching bass.

  8. Loyd/Mary P says:

    I would wait until late April or probably even in May . the closer the water temp gets to 70, then the closer it will be for spawning bass ( largemouth anyway ) they can be found everywhere but mostly in water 3 – 12 ft deep where you can actually see them and site fish . If you are a beginner , then you Can watch the movement of your lure and how the fish reacts to it . You will have more fun and learn a lot more during the spawn.

  9. justintodd1979 says:

    man spring time is coming soon and as soon as it warms up a bit go for it. i haven’t had too much luck fishing in the cold but right when the weather turns a bit the crappie are going to be popping. fish for the crappie for a little while to calm down the feening for bass. when the bass start biting when the water temp rises leave the crappie alone and go for the ol bass that have been laying in waiting. the spring time temp gets the fish moving and they will be hungary because they dont eat that much during the winter. drag one up for me. good luck good fishing be safe and remember to share the experience

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