Why You Should Use Fishing Floats Next Time You Go Fishing

Real Anglers Love Floats

Since the beginning of time people have fished, not all of them did it as a means of survival. Most people did it simple as a relaxation technique, and as a great family activity. No matter why you do it the thrill of the bite is what we all enjoy about fishing. The feeling of that tug on the line is incredible, putting the fish in the boat, awesome.

The fundamentals of fishing has remained the same throughout the decades, but the floats & bobbers have not. Thanks to technology and human creativity, fishing floats have transformed from the traditional cork, to the sophisticated floats that most are familiar with today.

Anglers Still Love Fishing Floats

Fishing floats or fishing bobbers are considered as one of the most crucial pieces of fishing tackler in any anglers tackle box. Fishing bobbers serve two main purposes, the first purpose is to suspend the bait at a specific depth, the second is to alert the angler when a fish has taken the bait.

There are long floats, circular floats, hardwood floats, red floats, hand-made floats, pole floats, sea floats, river floats, catfish & Styrofoam floats which are available in the consumer market in every size, shape, & color conceivable. The long, slender ones are especially sensitive & receptive & are employed for coarse fishing.

You Have Options

Companies are now making floats for every situation imaginable. They have the “waggler”, which is a slim plastic tube type float, that has the fishing line threaded through the bottom. This bobber performs incredibly well in calm waters, and is used by anglers around the world to catch various types of fish. Another float that is popular among anglers world wide is the “avon” float – it is recognized because of it’s oval shape. Anglers love this float because the way it is constructed allows you to cast it further than most bobbers. The avon is recommended for use with slow flowing waters such as a river.

Over the years some crafty anglers have come up with a float that give you control of its direction. You can navigate it left, right, forward, etc… This technique is used when fishing rapid waters, such as streams, and rivers. Since you have such precise control over the bobber it is best used when fishing in areas with vegetation or around docks and piers.

Next time you are preparing for that special day of fishing, forget about all the high-tech gadgets and load up the tackle box with a few old fashion fishing floats.

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