Willow Lake ~ Stand By Your Buzzers Pt 1

Spring is here, a time of rebirth and new hope. Willow lake is waking up and the fish are starting to move around and feed. Time to get the rods out and stand by the buzzers. For more information visit www.thecarpcatcher.co.uk http

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25 Responses to “Willow Lake ~ Stand By Your Buzzers Pt 1”

  1. chrisisbest04 says:

    I am really druink after a night on the town. This is better than any BBC iPlayer programme or any other crap. part 1 only another 20 to go OH CRAP

  2. TheOspreyrich says:

    Great vid great guy and nicely presented stuff should get his own tv prog.

  3. TheCarpCatcher says:

    about 5 minutes

  4. TheCarpCatcher says:

    all the information is on the premiumcarpfishing website or the fenladfisheriesltd website mate

  5. MaRtInEpOrT says:

    wear is this place?

  6. SamTheFisherMan100 says:

    How long were u chucking them feeds out for

  7. JAMESYFUS says:


  8. TheCarpCatcher says:

    yes in fact most of the time it is however willow lake has a very large stock of big carp so its all relative eh.
    1/2kg on one lake would be far too much on others

  9. JAMESYFUS says:

    In cold conditions is it better to feed smaller amoounts?

  10. TheCarpCatcher says:

    its a bit harder but then the days are shorter so get out and have fun

    take a hot water bottle:)

  11. cjcjx1 says:

    mate is it ok to go fishing this time of the month or should ii just wait till round may time?

  12. TheCarpCatcher says:

    gary mate your spelling is awful!
    cabab scures??


  13. garyfromtheUK says:

    are they cabab scures u use to hold your cooking shelter up m8?

  14. TheCarpCatcher says:

    alright fella just seen your commment:)

    I used Fox X3 for 7 years until one died on me early season now i have delkim pros.

  15. TheCarpCatcher says:

    I think i always will rate scopex (rod hutchinson) as my favourite of all time as it catches fish. However you do want to get it from a good supplier to get the proper stuff.
    I still have a few bottles of hutchys original hanging around in my bait boxs.

  16. E4li5 says:

    what ur favourite flavour boilie??

  17. CraftyCarper0 says:

    Aup Pal
    Whsat alarms do you use?

  18. rfbrn says:

    thank you for that and looking forward to the new episodes

  19. TheCarpCatcher says:

    Its a JRC Hi-Care cot and costs around £40
    some more episodes to come for sure and of course the last two years worth there to watch.

  20. rfbrn says:

    love the blog and the fish u catch and i would like to know where you got your unhooking mat from and just wanna say love every episode pt 1 to pt 16 is there any more videos for me to enjoy :) happy fishing

  21. TheCarpCatcher says:

    Cambridge Carp Bait Goldfish boilies (my receipe) go to the premium carp fishing website or just google Goldfish boilies

  22. chocolatestarfish05 says:

    nice 25lb mirror m8, what boilie did you use?

  23. TheCarpCatcher says:

    The marker float is not left there.
    It’s just used to mark the swim while baiting up.
    I raely use one tbh.
    If it was left there it would be a little stupid eh.

  24. mji1994 says:

    I have a question that i really want to know why do carp fisherman make such a big deal pining everything down to the bottom and then have a marker float with line going straight thought the swim.

  25. TheCarpCatcher says:

    there a menice

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