Willow Lake ~ Stand By Your Buzzers Pt 2

Another twenty four hours on Willow Lake. A fun packed session with plenty of fish to keep me and my mate Gary happy, plus a few suprises. For more information visit www.thecarpcatcher.co.uk http

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25 Responses to “Willow Lake ~ Stand By Your Buzzers Pt 2”

  1. jammydodger861 says:

    you do like you r coffee and a nice sausage sarnie with it u do great vids keep up the good work o and post some more on to mybe some new ones thanks!!

  2. TheCarpCatcher says:

    24 hours

  3. 9352819 says:

    how many day did you spend fishing

  4. Dutchpokerclown says:

    The last week ive been looking at all your posts, all i can say is, ” im loveing it. ”

    All im waiting for now is that the ice is gone in holland so i can start again. keep it up mate . nice fishing!!!

  5. SamTheFisherMan100 says:

    How much was the whiskers?

    Good fishing buddy

  6. TheCarpCatcher says:

    cheers mate i did get one eh.

  7. TheCarpCatcher says:

    cheers fella

  8. TheCarpCatcher says:

    Mostly carp and catfish
    carp over 40lb and cats over 50lb


  9. 920jony says:

    what sort of fish does this lake have in and how big do the carp go up to
    good fishing

  10. bravock says:

    LOL funny to see someone getting excited about the old sausage sarnie!!! good work on the catching

  11. lukkbox says:

    some crackin fish mate!

    i hope you DO catch that big catfish, these things are sent to try us!

    all the best

  12. TheCarpCatcher says:

    no not really only when stalking and i just watch the line then

  13. stip27 says:

    hey i was just wondering do u ever float fish?

  14. bobnudd says:

    what a nice looking lake with good swims as well ,you guys are spoiled for carp lakes in the south we have a few here but none with the size of carp like on this lake ,love the vids m8 keep them comming im new to carping and pick up a load of tips from your vids great work.

  15. TheCarpCatcher says:

    click on the link to the premiumcarpfishing website in the description on the right it will take you to the website mate

  16. plebpatrol says:

    were abouts is this lake?

  17. TheCarpCatcher says:

    click on the premiumcarpfishing link too the right in description

  18. MsDogman3 says:

    hi mate can you tell me wear the lake is in the fenlands has i have just move hear & looking wear to fish

  19. mji1994 says:

    What bivvy is that and is it any good.

  20. TheCarpCatcher says:


  21. plkj13 says:

    congrats on that last catch with the 25ib. carp!

  22. TheCarpCatcher says:

    They are weighed and numbered when they are stocked this one was 11.8lb when stocked 1 month previous.
    it will be over thirty in five years, these are hard fighting fast growing Premium Carp.

  23. gaz691 says:

    wow the little stockie 12.5 pds it looked like a 7-8 pounder lol georgouse little fish tho, be nice in 10 year time eh

  24. TheCarpCatcher says:

    Thx for watching bud

  25. TheCarpCatcher says:


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