Willow Lake ~ Stand By Your Buzzers Pt 3

Another episode from our 24 hour session on willow and Gary is into one of the older bigger residents. For more information visit www.thecarpcatcher.co.uk http

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25 Responses to “Willow Lake ~ Stand By Your Buzzers Pt 3”

  1. TheCarpCatcher says:

    @staffmatic go to the ‘premiumcarpfishing’ website and hit the willow lake link
    the going bait is Red Berry and you can buy it on site
    be lucky fella

  2. staffmatic says:

    that first fish was a nice one where abouts is that lake. looks great for fishing


  3. TheCarpCatcher says:

    You can get them from end of feb at the premiumcarpfishing website

  4. 9352819 says:

    how do you make red berry pop ups or can you get them in the shop.

  5. TheCarpCatcher says:

    We use 20lb X-Line and rods with 2.75lb -3.00lb test curves

  6. Dutchpokerclown says:

    whats the test curve of the rods you and gary are useing, also what kind of line ..

    keep it up again.. tight lines from holland.

  7. petey87uk says:

    thats wen im going to

  8. stip27 says:

    ohk thanks because i caught my biggest carp on lead. most of the time i catch the ones under 10lbs on float lil bastards

  9. TheCarpCatcher says:

    i use 1oz leads mostly

  10. stip27 says:

    what rig do fish float or lead

  11. lunasnino says:

    yes, very wise words my friend….

  12. TheCarpCatcher says:

    well you know what i say.

    You only get one life, so go fishing.

  13. lunasnino says:

    ahh brilliant man! id love to head over there at some point, lovely country and lovely fishing.

  14. TheCarpCatcher says:

    Funny you shoiuld say that but i have just been onto french fishing Mastreo Gary (chap in the film) to take me next spring!

    cant wait:)

  15. lunasnino says:

    have you ever thought about heading to france for the huge 50lb ++++++ ? it would be great to see you there recording the hours, great fishing bud keep it up.

  16. TheCarpCatcher says:

    Cheers mate

  17. TheCarpCatcher says:

    Cheers fella i will pass on your congrats.

  18. TheCarpCatcher says:

    I think i said 2 meters so the hook will be 2 meters from the hook.
    My choddys are very simple.
    Onto 20lb Mainline i thread a rubber bead my chod rig and then another rubber bead. The rubber beads are soft and are threaded onto the line by piercing this ensures a tight fit.
    The bottom bead is set at the depth of weed say a nominal 2 feet.
    The top bead is set at whatever you want. I like to set it long at 6 feet.
    The whole lot will slide off if the line breaks.

  19. darkassassin1111 says:

    when u say u set the chod at 5 metres what do you mean exactly ? how far the hooklink is away from the lead??

  20. BlackstoneCarp says:

    Really nice fish Gary, congrats on your first 30 of ’09! Once again top notch video and a fantastic watch.

  21. j0nboy123 says:

    good angling once again… TIGHT LINES

  22. TheCarpCatcher says:

    hopefully up in a few days

  23. TheCarpCatcher says:


  24. TheCarpCatcher says:

    Always nice to hold em

  25. TheCarpCatcher says:

    Cheers fella

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